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Loved it - good pace not too slow or too fast. I do feel like my face has had some exercise now.. Backwards prayer is my fave :) cheered me right up after a fairly slow few days!

Anna , Guided Facial Massage

Thank you so much - that was so relaxing and my skin feels tingly & revived, like a post facial feeling. I’ve a gorgeous 1yr daughter so facials and skincare don’t get as much time as they used to! ☺️ thank you for giving up your evening and letting me get some much needed me time!

Seonaid , Guided Facial Massage

Like face yoga! I feel so relaxed, thank you so much. It was perfect and I learnt loads!

Kirsty , Guided Facial Massage

So Lovely .  Super relaxing and great addition to the skincare routine that Nicole has made for me.  Hope to get a space for another session

Morven , Guided Facial Massage

 I did the guided facial last week and i loved it so much and saw such a huge difference in my face especially the next day, I then booked the guided advanced facial. Another amazing class allowing me to use the tools i have correctly. the classes  are great, very relaxing and I’m now obsessed x

Christina , Advanced Guided Facial Massage

AMAZING!!! An easy to follow workout for the face! Feeling so relaxed and gained some new tips and tricks on how to use the tools. Thanks NCW xx

Bex , Advanced Guided Facial Massage

It was great - really reinvigorating but also at the same time super relaxing, I feel ready for bed already! Thanks again :)

Vanessa , Advanced Guided Facial Massage

Loved that! I’ve had a face roller and gua sha for ages and had no idea how to use them. And so relaxing as always xxx

Christine , Advanced Guided Facial Massage