Treat your skin as an extension of your wellbeing

- this is the message I want my clients to take from their time with me: listen to it, exercise it, nourish it, treat it and condition it. Our skin is an indicator of our inner wellbeing and I have always been fascinated by that. 

I encourage breath work throughout my treatments. Deep breathing is the easiest inner 'pick-me-up', and not to mention, free! It treats our cells to a fresh rush of oxygen whilst stimulating our vagus nerve. This instantly soothes our nervous system by lowering our heart rate, our cortisol levels and our blood pressure. Pairing this with facial massage will make your skin melt into a state of bliss.

Having gone through a lot of my own skin ups and downs (eczema, acne, rosacea) I did at one point strive for perfect skin. Imperfections can become all-consuming, and obsessing over them can in-turn allow more insecurities to grow. Through this cycle, life has taught me that balance, simplicity, and acceptance of myself and my skin, is where my happiness lies. This is the perspective I want to pass onto my clients.


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