Hello, you lovely lot... 


Finding a routine that works for you can be extremely overwhelming and difficult, due to the plethora of skincare out there. Not one size fits all, and this is why I choose to be a non-branded affiliated facialist. 

Through extensive product research, knowledge and sheer love of facial anatomy, a diploma in nutrition, and intuitive approach to skin, I curate facial treatments and skincare programmes for my clients.  I am a specialist in facial massage and facial lymphatic stimulation. 

The pandemic really pushed me to create something interactive which could help my clients prioritise self-care in their own homes, through a somewhat lonely time. Doing online guided facial massage just made sense to me. I use my social platform to promote facial massage so why not make it a live group activity! For 12 whole months parties of 60 - 90 people joined me every Thursday evening. It was magical to say the least. Now that life is getting a little hectic again I try to do one class every month or so, and I would love for you to join me. 

I moved to London in November '21 but continue to keep up with my Glasgow clients at my monthly pop-up in Urban Office. Stay tuned for my London location - exciting times ahead! I have a waiting list that you can join to be the first to hear about it and book in. Click HERE to join waiting list.