Welcome! This is a secret page for Swoosh Cup purchasers only. I wanted to share with you a very easy cupping routine that you can do once , or once every other week, which takes up only 3 minutes of your time!

Self-care can be hard to justify at the best of times but your new face cup routine is fast and effective whilst still being a moment of still. 

What is face cupping? Cupping is a technique to reduce stagnation of blood flow in muscles. The suction gently pulls blood to the skin helping to promote healthy blood flow. More specifically, as this stagnant blood is pulled up towards the skin, it then creates better circulation and floods skin tissue with oxygen-rich blood. This stimulates fibroblasts responsible for collagen production, and strengthens skin and connective tissue. See your face cupping routine as a way of promoting your healthiest skin. 
Things to note before you begin your tutorial. 
  1. Use a cleansing oil or a facial oil that your skin is happy with 
  2. Keep your suction light - medium
  3. Your skin will not bruise if you keep the cup in motion and keep your suction light - medium (as said above). However bruising will happen if you suction too hard and keep the cup still. Please do not do this
  4. If you have cystic acne: you can still use the cups but keep your suction very light and avoid going over the direct area of inflammation (those sore spots). 
  5. If you have eczema and it is currently flaring on your face: then the skin on your face is very vulnerable at this time. Please wait until your flare has calmed down. Never use a facial oil that irritates your skin alongside your face cups. 
  6. After your session your skin will be at it's peak to fully absorb product so cleanse your face (especially when using a cleansing oil) and apply nutrient-dense serums/moisturisers/facial oils after. Best to avoid chemical exfoliants and others actives after. 

Click on image below to begin 🖤 you will need a youtube account to gain access