“I first had a skin consultation with Nicole during lockdown as my hormonal acne and eczema on my eyes had me feeling confused, frustrated and worried about my skin for my wedding!
She recommended a routine and products that really helped repair my skin barrier and balance my skin! I was absolutely delighted when she came down to London and have been going for regular facials over the last 8 months which has been an absolute game changer for me! Each facial has been bespoke to what my skin needed at that particular time and my skin was the best it’s every been for my wedding!
Historically I’ve felt so self conscious about my acne and eczema which stemmed from a lack of knowledge, but with Nicole’s help I feel I have the tools and understanding to keep my skin happy! I really couldn’t recommend booking into seeing Nicole for a skin consultation or facial more, she is the kindest person and really gets to know and understand you and your skin!”